Maximize your workout and recovery!

In order to meet the needs of a new market segment, we have developed a new machine with specific characteristics and construction details to optimize its performance.

This machine, known as OxyTone, is designed to provide a high level of efficiency and reliability to ensure that the customer’s requirements are met.

We are confident that OxyTone will be able to provide an effective and efficient solution to meet the demands of this new market segment.

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OxyTone is an ergonomic and user-friendly machine designed to fit into a gym environment.

Constructed from steel, the machine features a cage with handles to provide users with greater access to hard-to-reach points and areas. Additionally, the machine is self-propelled, making it easy for users to adjust according to their own needs.

OxyTone is an ideal addition to any gym, offering users the opportunity to warm up and recover their muscles before and after their training.

With its ease of use and no prior knowledge required, OxyTone has become a favorite among gym goers.