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Now more than ever, it is essential to prioritize the well-being of staff in the workplace.

Studies have shown that regular massage can help to reduce sickness absence and increase performance. As such, companies are increasingly investing in wellness solutions such as WellRoll to ensure the health of their staff in the long-term.

Massage can help to quickly and easily start blood circulation, oxygenation and boost the lymphatic system and immune system.

By providing staff with the opportunity to access massage, businesses can help to ensure that their staff remain healthy and productive.

WellRoll is the massage roller for both company employees and sport associations.

Cost including VAT per day:


The rental period for the WellRoll is entirely up to the customer and can be customized to their needs. In general, most customers choose to rent it for a period of 1 to 4 days per month.We offer a hassle-free rental experience, where we deliver the WellRoll to you in the morning and pick it up 24 hours later or after agreement.

If you require a different rental arrangement, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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Using WellRoll at work is a fast, simple and effective way to get the massage you need without it having to be a major project.

The machines are always in place, allowing you to enjoy shorter massage sessions more often.

Roll massage is not strenuous, meaning you don’t need to shower afterwards or use any oils, making the process incredibly easy.

This makes it easy to fit a 5-20 minute gap into your weekly schedule, such as at the start or end of the working day or during lunch.

WellRoll provides staff with the opportunity to get role massage on their own terms.

Rather than having to wait for a long time or adjust to other people’s schedules, staff can access the massage machine whenever it is most convenient for them.

In just five minutes, WellRoll can provide relief and relaxation to the feet, calves, back, arms, or the whole body.

Allowing staff to take care of their physical and mental health in a way that fits into their daily routine.

Having a WellRoll for the workplace is one of the best investments for both employers and employees.

WellRoll massage machines are highly effective, user-friendly, and easily accessible. Roll massage can be both calming and energizing, and most importantly, it is incredibly beneficial for one’s health. It increases blood circulation, oxygenation, and the lymphatic system, while also relieving tension.

This strengthens the immune system, prevents and counters work-related consequences, and much more. With WellRoll in the workplace, employers can expect healthier and happier staff.

With the prevalence of work-related ailments such as poor blood circulation, shoulder and back pain, strain injuries, and aching legs and feet, it is essential to seek out a remedy for such issues as soon as possible.

Fortunately, WellRoll offers an effective solution for these ailments. WellRoll is a device that can be used to massage and stimulate the affected area, helping to reduce pain and improve circulation.

It is also effective in relieving cramps caused by overstrained muscles, whether from physical activity or from prolonged uncomfortable positions.

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With WellRoll, individuals can find relief from the pains and aches associated with their work and continue to perform their duties with comfort.

The risk is that the problems will increase and become more difficult to remedy if no measures are taken. Whatever the need, WellRoll machines are invaluable in the workplace!

Roller massage can be the ultimate solution to prevent and counteract the consequences of both sitting still but also overexertion and strain injuries.

Rarely has a product appealed to so many users and helped in so many different ways around numerous ailments and complaints.

The design of WellRoll has been developed to be suitable for both the home and the workplace or sports club.

It is equipped with armrests for greater comfort and is upholstered in artificial leather, which gives it a stylish look while making it easy to keep clean. The natural massage roller is made of birch and is designed to provide the best possible feeling and effect. Furthermore, it features integrated IR heating.

The machine operates very quietly and smoothly. Primarily intended for wellness, health and recovery, WellRoll is suitable for those who do not want to follow a program and are only looking for a general massage.

It is available to all who wish to be able to relax their muscles, stretch, increase blood circulation, oxygenation and more.